Jaimie H

I’ve had Tony’s help twice now selling my home. My first experience was went so well, I didn’t even think about trying someone else. It’s always a little overwhelming trying to look up rates, trends, and home values to get started, but both times I did, Tony’s knowledge in these areas gave me much better information than I could find on my own! Both homes sold for very high market values, and within about 10 days with his aggressive marketing plans. The main reason why I chose to use Tony again was that he definitely seemed to be looking out for my best interest in every step of the process. He explains things well and offers suggestions and clarifications when I needed them. In both home sales, there were suggestions he made that benefited me (and not the sale price of the home, so no benefit to him) that showed me his true character and what type of person he is. Tony is absolutely my first pick when I need help selling my home and finding a new one in the future, and would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.